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These trainings are for the moment only opened to EMBL employees. They are provided in collaboration with Bio-IT. Please email to register.

Module Requirements    Date Teacher Link
R and visualization     None 24-25 February        N. Descostes R. Alves         
Galaxy training None 18-19 March 2020 N. Descostes and others  

Previous workshops

  • October 2018: Intro to programming with R
  • March 2019: Intro to Unix command line. Material
  • April 2019: Intro to HPC usage. Material
  • May 2019: Intro to Python (by Gregor Moenke)
  • June 2019: Intro to programming with R part 1. Material
  • July 2019: Intro to programming with R part2. Material
  • October 2019: ChIP-Seq with Galaxy. Material
  • November 2019: RNA-Seq with Galaxy. Material
  • December 2019: Intro to git. Material
  • May 2020: R and visualization. Material